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Welcome to The Czech republic

The historic changes which have swept through Eastern Europe have refocused the world´s attention on this great capitols.

The cities - PRAGUE, DRESDEN, BERLIN, KRAKOW, WARSZAWA, BUDAPEST have unique cultures and histories. Each in its way, has exerted a profound influence on European art, architecture, science, philosophy and literature. Today - EAST EUROPE is rediscovering and reinvigorating its traditions while reaching the next MILENIUM. The rapid changes now occuring in East Europe have opened these countries to western travellers, eager to see both the treasures of past and potential of the future. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME - TO LOOK EAST...

From my own long experience, beeing born in Prague, having for several years worked full-time for the limousine service chauffeured company as a chauffer-guide, me and my business colleagues and partners have decided to carry on our activities in my company HERITAGE TRAVEL.

It is my aim to provide a complete range of services on a proffesional level, comparable in terms of quality, in a friendly and home atmosphere. Operatig in Prague, across Czech Republic and across Europe we wish to preserve the variety of our services.

I can predict that your trip will leave you impressed, uplifted and elated-just as we were and continue to be about Eastern Europe.

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to Prague. Many people come to our city with no idea of what to do when they arrive, but HERITAGE TRAVEL agency is designed to fit your individual taste. If you have a problem deciding what to do or where to, bring your problem to us. We will assist you in any way to make your visit easier and to make you feel at home. If you are interested, please write us a letter before you arrive letting us know your particular interest so that we can accommodate your needs. We are sure we have an individual program that will fit your pocket.

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 Heritage Travel
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