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A brief survey of our services and prices...

1. transport from airport and airports in European capitals, from railwaystations and ports across Europe to hotels in the client's destinations; the transfer include the entire service for the customers - the assistance of our guide by check - in service after the arrival, check - in in a client's hotels as well; we are providig transports to the airports attend by same range of entire services, and transfers from and to railwaystations or ports across Europe are comfortable protected by our guides too.

2. sightseeing tours, walks, and escorts in Prague; escort service we adwise as a entire service of our guide for our customers during bussiness journeys, his assistance and helpe by coordination of bussines of time of a day with the limited leasure time during the stay of our customer in Prague.
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3. trips to the castles, chateaux, historic towns and other places of interest across the Czech Republic; trips to all highlight places and tourist attractions attended with a well - informed commentary of our guides during the flow of the trip, which make the stay of our customers more pleasant and with a home atmosphere...
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4. special trips to memorials to the victims of World War II, including Terezín, Dachau; Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sachsenhausen, Bergen - Belsen, Mauthausen etc., Svitavy ( Brünlitz, Zwittau ) - Oscar Schlindler's home town/remember S. Spilberg's Schlindler's List ... /in Moravia, part of Czech Republic, Kazimierz - Jewish Quarter in Krakow, where was S. Spilberg's film made.
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5. international trips with arrangements and itineraries according to clients wishes. We' ll arrange for our clients whole itinerary includig the hotel accommodation on the lowest travel agents rates; the guides are at disposal from the first day to the last day of your journey for an assistance and escorting you in the impeccable conditions of our limousines in every respect to ensure - you enjoy the complete comfort and security on your trip. We'll provide the itinerary with the care and responsibility; our invitation for inspection trips across Western and Eastern Europe consists: BERLIN, POTSDAM, DRESDEN, MEISSEN, PRAGUE, BUDAPEST, VIENNA, SALZBURG, KRAKOW and other places accordig to your wishes and all kinds of your expectations.
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6. advance booking of concert and theatre tickets, places in recommended restaurants, the booking service including suggestions for restaurants, cultural events as a opera and concerts etc.
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The prices for hereafter recommended tours and trips are agreed prices, that can fluctuate depence of devaluation of Czech crown to US dollar. In spite of all that my overriding outspoken struggle is keep our prices in reasonable limits convenient even to less demanding clientele. Considering seeing that i'm work hard on adjustment of Current detailed Price list 2003/2004 and analysis of prices fitted for all our customers, let me quote some of elementary principles of our bargain offer:

Negotiated prices are guaranted max 10% reduction is possible a discount is available to client´s taking two or more tours different rates of cars according to categories.

It is our aim to provide a complete range of services on a professional level and harmony between actions and words are our guidig principles. In case you would like to know more about oure prices, please do not hesitate to contact us when ever you think we can be of service to you.

We are ready immediately afterwards send you by email or by fax out current price list 2003/2004.

I have taken particular care over offer of tours and trips provided by our company and presented on the web pages of HERITAGE TRAVEL and i hope our offer will meet with a favourable reception.

Respectfully yours



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