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Restaurants in Prague...

Restaurants in Prague, just like the economy, seem to be getting better. For 40 years state - licensed eating and drinking establishments had little incentive to experiment or improve. But attitudes are rapidly changing. Fuelled by the booming tourist industry, new restaurants are opening constantly, many of them foreign - owned, offering the discerning eater an ever - increasing choice.


Because of the huge influx of tourist, eating out has changed in charakter. The traditional lunch hour is still taken very early - between 11 am and 1 pm, and for most Czechs the normal time for the evening meal is around 7 pm. However, many of the restaurants stay open late and it is possible to get a meal at any time from 10 am until 2 am. Until recently, these late houres were almost unheard of. During spring and summer, the large numbers of visitors tend to put a strain on many of Prague’s more popular restaurants. To be certain of a table, especially in the very well - known restaurants, book two or three days in advance. Although most restaurants are in the city centre, quite a few are of the normal tourist track, away from Wenceslas and Old Town Squares, and worth the extra journey.


The variety and number of places to eat and drink in Prague has increased considerably in recent years.


Restaurant "Peklo" /Hell/ is located in the area of Strahov monastery, which belongs to order of Premonstratensian. This order was established at 1120 by St. Norbert archbishop of Magdeburg. The establishment of the monastery is dated from 1143, the prince Vladislav II and Olomouc’s bishop Jindřich Zdík took an important part in it. In the 14th century they started to grow vines around the monastery, which was brought by the king Karel IV from France. In this time we can presuppose the establishment of the wine vault "Peklo". It is possible that even the king Karel IV, had visited "Peklo" several times. The name "Peklo" is original because the gardens above it are called "In the Paradise" so everything that is located under them has to be the Hell. In the present time there is an exclusive restaurant witch an international and Czech cuisine and special kinds of wine which is suitable for pleasant entertainment or bussiness meatings.

Restaurant Peklo: Strahovské nádvoří 132/1
Praha 1, Hradčany
tel. 20516652
daily 12.00 - 24.00, Mon 18.00 - 24.00


"...Pheasant breast filled with poultry liver on forrest fruit sauce..." A smilling face responds to the door - bell and opens the door. With a gentle gesture he guides you in. The recently refurbuished rooms here create a cosy and intimate setting. The staff here give everything their personal attension. As you sit down at the candle - lit table you realise that there is no sound other than soothing classical music and the gentle chat of fellow diners.

There are only two rooms here, creating a cosy intimate setting.

Tržiště 21/611, Little Quarter
tel/Fax 57533109, Daily 11.30 - 23


Maltézské nám. 10
Praha 1 - Little Quarter
tel. 5753 4121, 5753 1309
Daily 11 - 01

There are three distinct spaces here - the Wine Cellar, the Restaurant and the Club area. Each with its’ own distinct character. The restaurant is comfortable and cosy with chandeliars, antique and plush furnishings decorating the space. The Wine Cellar is charming with its’ vaulted, low stone ceiling and high chairs, set out in orderly rows. The Club area has a down-to-earth quality being decorated with a variety of traditional farming implements. The traditional Czech and Prague dishes are very well prepared.


2000 Kč for two (Major Credit Cards accepted)
Malostranské nám. 12, Prague 1 - Little Quarter
tel. 5753 0021 - 3
Mo - Fri 12 - 23, Sat - Sun 11 - 23

"Good evening sir", smiles the head waiter as you enter this fabulous Baroque palace. Nearby, the Castle sits a Bride on her wedding night. While a line of princely palaces await her favours at her feet. Quietly you are guided to your table in an elegant, spacious and well proportioned room. Gentle candle - light flickers across the white, bleached wooden panelling. While the rose - coloured walls confer a calming effect upon the space. Having just ordered the grilled duck it is amusing to see a drawing on the wall depicting a gleeful duck escaping the chefs’ oven. Reassuringly the waiter arrives with the grilled duck properly intact. The cuisine (Continental) is for the most par light, delicately prepared and very well presented. While the service is attentive but not obtrusive.


2000 Kč for two (Major Credit Cards accepted)
Liliová 1, Prague 1 - Old Town
tel. 2222 1155
Daily 12 - 15, 17.30 - 23

V Zátiší is the elder sister of Circle Line Restaurant. She lives in the Old Town on the quiet Betlem Square, in the company of other grand dames such as Betlem Church and Náprstek Museum. There are two sides to her personality. One is an opulent, expressive tendency and the other a more refined aspect. The first dining room, with its’ still - life oil - paintings and plaxful garden scenes allows views to the Square. Here each table has its’ own flower composition and numerous other plants create the impression of beeing in a garden. The second dining room is an altogether lighter affair with parquet floor and wrought - iron furniture. Both Czech and continental dishes grace the menu. All are a delight to the palate and beautifully laid out. The awards for excellence from Michelin 1999 attest to this fact.


2,200 Kč for two (AMEX, EURO/MASTERCARD, VISA)
Maltézské náměstí 11, Prague 1 - Little Quarter
tel. 5753 0000
Daily 11,30 - 23 /kitchen/

It is said that King Rudolf II had Food - tasters whose sole job was to visit the Pubs and restaurants of Prague on behalf of his majesty. They were to discover establishments which offered a high enough quality of food and setting to warrant a Royal visit. Restaurants which achieved the required level of excellence were awarded a, much coveted, Royal Star. On very rare occasions two Stars would be awarded. However once the Royal Tasters chanced upon U Malířů (At the Painters) they were so impressed that they were compelled to award an unprecedented three Star Award! That was 456 years ago and today the restaurant still maintains the same high standart of excellence.
The beautiful, romantic setting opposite Maltézské Square has lost little of its’ charm over the centuries. Visiting this restaurant is at once an artistic, culinary and historic experience. Spectacular frescos decorate the walls and vaulted ceiling while gentle sun - light filters through the coloured - glass. Great care is taken over the excellently prepared French cuisine with authentic ingre - dients being flow in directly from France.


2000 Kč for two (Major Credit Cards accepted)
Na Kampě 8b, Little Quarter - Prague 1
tel. 573 134 93-4
Daily: 11.30 - 01.00

Kampa Park is located along the banks of the Vltava river, on the Island of Kampa. It is a uniquely warm, elegant and inviting restaurant offering sumptious international cuisine set against the backdrop of Charles Bridge. The á la carte menu is true Gourment’s delight, featuring a cornacopia of delicacies including fresh lobster, oysters and fish platters, as well as both classical game and innovatie meat dishes. Indulging guests in either the picturesque views from the terrace or in the intimacy of the winter garden, or even, perhaps, in the jovial main dinning room, Kampa Park offers the perfect venue for visitors to Prague and locals alike. Guest appearances of reputable chef’s and sommeliers from around the world.


2,800 Kč for two (AMEX, EURO/MASTERCARD, VISA)
Betlem Palais, Husova 5, Prague 1 - Old Town
tel. 2424 8512
Daily 11.30 - 01

The Flambée restaurant is situated in classical Romanesque and late gothic cellars dating from the 11th century. Leading architects approached the matter of the interior design with great sensitivity and managed to blend harmonically late Romanesque architecture with modern and yet functional elements. The resulting design received the international Interior of year 1994 award. The visitors will be fascinated by the original 14th century vaults, the paintings and mirrors dating from the 17th century, and above all by the early Romanesque wine cellar dating from 8th century which has been very tastefully transformed into a sanctuary for lovers of good wine. It is here, beneath vaults and and arches that are nearly 1200 years old, that our guest may choose from an unbelievable array of wines from various regions and of the finest vintage.

Thanks to the chef of the restaurants, every gourmet is certain to enjoy a unique experience. According to experts, restaurants’ chef ranks among the European gastronomic elite. He has received many awards and has won medals at prestigious international competitions held in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Japan. The Flambée Restaurant is famous for its phenomenal preparation of fresh seafood and for its original veal, Argentinian steak, venison and New Zealand lamb specialities. The restaurant has been honoured by visits from many eminent public figures such as Václav Havel, Václav Klaus, Tom Cruis, Meryl Streep, Michael Jackson, Ornella Mutti, Chuck Norris, members of the Rolling Stones group, Pink Floyd and others. The restaurant has a seatting capacity of 56 and, naturally, air - conditioning.


2,000 Kč for two (Major Credit Cards accepted)
U Trojského zámku 35, Prague 7 - Trója
Daily 18 - 01
tel. 688 0405, 0602 266883

Once upon a time, in a not too distant land, there was a Kingdom with a beautiful red and white Castle perched on a green hill. Beautifull gardens surrounded the Castle on every side a well as a vineayrd. One day, as the newly ripened grapes were being harvested, one of the workers stumbled upon the entrance to a magical cave. As soon as he stepped in he found himself in another world. The cave was filled with lavish treasures which glinted in the light of gently flickering fire. And a flowing spring, bubbled constantly with fresh, sweet water. As he stood, spellbound, a kindly - faced, bearded man appeard bearing magnificent food on a magnificent silver platter and ruby red wine in a glass cut from ice.
No, this is not a Czech fairy tale, but a restaurant which has to be seen to be believed! Czech Game specialities, fish and a selection of continental dishes feature on the menu. The preparation, presentation and service is very good and the Chef makes a personal effort to greet each guest.



 Ing. Petr Kronát
 Heritage Travel
 Tusarova 5/1260
 tel.: +420220802286
 fax: +420220802286
 mobil: +420603826960