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Special trips and excursions...

1. excursions to the glass factories (Mooser Karlsbad glass fact., Czech crystal fact. etc.) including the suggestions for a bargain shopping of a Czech glass; excursions to unique artificial jewellery factories and cutting rooms of world - wide famous Czech garnet
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2. excursions to world - wide famous brewery in Pilsen (Pilsen Urquell), brewery in České Budějovice (Budvar - Budweiser) and Moravian and Slovakian vintner’s areas combinated with presentation of folk - art dances and gustation of a excellent Moravian and Slovakien wines in home atmosphere and stylish milieu of original small cellars in Moravia and Slovakia; visit of vintage festivals
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3. special trips to Spa - areas included the booking servis of a treatment in a spa
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4. special trips and excursions to National Natural Parks, Protected Landscape Areas, Nature Reserves, protected parks or gardens, Study Areas, protected natural phenomen or protected natural landmark, unique Karst areas in Bohemia and Moravia
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5. special trips to memorials to the victims of World War II, including Terezín, Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sachsenhausen, Bergen - Belsen, Mauthausen and another former extermination Nazi camps. Also trip to Svitavy (Brünlitz, Zwittau), - Oscar Schlindler‘s home town / remember S. Spilberg’s Schlindler’s List .. / in Moravia, trips to Kazimiercz, Jewish Quarter in Krakow, wherewas S. Spilberg’s film shot.
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