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Special trips to the spa areas in Czech republic...

The Czech Republic’s spa are recommended for:

- plastic surgery
- diseases of the respiratory tracts
- disorders of the locomotor apparatus
- metabolic disturbances
- managerial stress
- kidneys and urinary tract
- nervous complaints
- heart conditions and circulatory disorders
- diseases of the digestive tract
- diseases of metabolic disturbances

KARLOVY VARY /see recommended trips outside of Prague no. 6/

Naturalcurative resources:

- Karlovy Vary thermal water
- hydrogenate - carbonate - sulphate - sodium chloride seltzer
- 12 mineral springs of temperature from 42 °C to 72 °C
- peat baths
- hot springs gas

Spa treatment profile:
Karlovy Vary thermal drinking cure in conjunction with hydropathy, peath bath, massages, electrotherapy, rehabilitation and inhalations.

ailments of the digestive tract, diabetes, disorders of the metabolism of fats, obesity, certain of the locomotive organs.

sanatorium (concerts and dancing in the evening) and thermal swimming pool, other treatment establishments (some providing acupunkture, staged oxygen therapy, etc.), Kurhotel, golf, minigolf, riding, tennis, walking, excursions, casinos, film festival.

MARIÁNSKÉ LÁZNĚ (MARIENBAD) - /see recommended tours ouside of Prague no. 7/

Natural curative resources:
- cold hypotensive mineral waters with a content of hydrocarbons, sodium, magnesium and ferric salts
- peat baths
- Mary’s gas (99% content of CO2 and rare gases)
- favourable climate

Spa treatment profile:
use of natural curative resources based on drinking cure, hydro - and thermopathy, inhalations and comprehensive rehabilitation programmes.

Recommended for:
diseases of the respiratory tracts, kidneys and urinary tract, disorders of the locomotor apparatus, metabolic disturbances (gout, diabetes), managerial stress, rehabilitation and training of sportsmen.

various treatment establishments and sanatoria, golf, tennis, walking, concerts, dancing, cinema, Chopin festival.

JÁCHYMOV - /93 miles NW from Prague/

The first radium spa in the world.

Recommended for:
disorders of the locomotor apparatus, nervous complaints, metabolic disturbances.

Facilities: various treatment establishments, park, with monument to Marie Curie and her husband, dances and cultural events, excursions, sport, winter sports.

FRANTIŠKOVY LÁZNĚ - /113 miles W from Prague/

Situated amidst healing peat bogs and marshlands with mineral springs known to contain the world’s highest percentage of Glauber salt, the spa was founded in 1793 by German emperor and Czech king Francis II. Besides treatment of gynecological disorders including sterility, the emphasis is also on treatment of cardiovascular diseases and on child gynecology. The name of Francis is connected not only with the name and history of the town but also with a statuette said to wield magic powers. Legend has it that any childless woman longing for a baby will conceive within a year after touching the figurine of little Francis.
Patients preferring smaller, quieter health resorts will appreciate the location of submontane little town. A vast network of marked tourist trails beckons in the vicinity, together with many historical sites and the SOOS Natural Preserve.

Natural curative resources:
- 21 Glauber - type mineral springs used for bath treatment and drinking cures
- Ferro - sulphuric peat for pack treatment, baths and vaginal tampons
- natural CO2 for balneological and hypodermic applications

Spa treatment profile:
application of local natural curative resources in conjuction with hydropathy, electropathy, etc.

- gynecological disorders, sterility, oncological treatment, cardiovascular diseases, locomotive system disorders, child gynecology.

TEPLICE V ČECHÁCH /56 miles N from Prague/

The oldest spa in the Czech Republic.

Recommended for:
- disorders of the locomotor apparatus, vascular troubles

treatment centre and other treatment establishments, casino, park, with beautiful paths for walking, sports, grounds, openair swimming pool, numerous social and cultura events

JANSKÉ LÁZNĚ - /cca 94 miles NE from Prague/

Recommended for:
poliomyelities, diseases of the respiratory tract in children, sequelae of disorders of the locomotor apparatus after accidents.

children’s sanatoria with own bathing facilities, treatment establishment for adults.

PODĚBRADY - /33 miles E from Prague/

Recommended for:
heart conditions and circulatory disorders

spa establishments in a beautiful park, polyclinik, openair swimming pool, tennis, golf, riding

TŘEBOŇ - /92 miles S from Prague; see no. 9 recommended tours/

A biological reserve since 1978.

Recommended for:
disorders of locomotor apparatus, rehabilitation and training courses for oarsmen

various sanatoria, spa establishment with library and treatment rooms, concerts and dancing, "Cultural Summer", carriage trips



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